26. mrt, 2016

The Jungle

Through the jungle we go,
the misty night sets its eyes peering into you.
Now all these places at the eyes
you can not see them quickly, otherwise
you'll be blind, you'll be dead.
Hoogy lanya panya set.
Coonya sinya hookya panya poonya.
have I say,
you or me.
Choca mala waye dee peeti teeti tee
I want the world to be me.
The eyes are up me.
The seas are teeny.
Occamalawee I want you
Now look at this, look at that.
I wonder if this leaf holds a packa mala wa.
This leaf is sick, this leaf is ill,
this leaf is fine and this leaf is pale.
Ook yalla sanya panya wanya....
In a minute we'll be in the mango tree.