24. mei, 2014

Gavin Rodgers

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Paternity Angel Review:

Not only can you get some great laughs from this one, but it's also packed full of useful information for every father to be. It's true, the jokes are more often than not aimed at the "laddish" culture, but it does stay well clear of the "toilet" humour genre.

When the pre-birth hospital visit involves alienating everyone with your demands to see exactly what forceps look like, and with the constant reminders of typical male fears at each stage of the pregnancy, you can be sure that this book will touch every man in some way.

If you have 'in-laws' living nearby, then be sure to read the very humourous chapter on how to handle the relatives at the hospital after the birth.

The author is clearly an experienced dad, and as such, taking his advice in this fun way is not such a bad idea, especially for the first-time father.

I recommend that you read this during the pregnancy, to know what to expect, then read it again afterwards to see how you fared.